Intimacy @ KEHÄ Festival, Oulu 7-9.10.2021

Sound Artist: Jaakko Autio / Event: Ring Festival, Oulu / Setup: Jaakko Autio and Hilla Väyrynen / Music: Nomad Vocals / Choir Director: Jussi Mattila / Nomad Vocals Singers: Lotta Kokkonen, Vilma Kivimäki, Matetta Reena Karhunen Pennström, Anna Voutilainen, Riku Miettunen, Kasper Korhonen, Jaakko Örmälä, Sakari Siira, Ville Hämäläinen, Aleksi Bondfolk, Lasse Kettunen and Eero Lahtinen / KEHÄ Festival 2021. LOVE One-To-One art festival / director: Timo Harju / Kulttuuriosuuskunta ILME’s executive director: Tuija Pasanen / Dancers: Pauliina Lappi, Merja Männikkö and Henna-Maria Hanhineva / Other festival artists: Satu Hakamäki, Osmo Hakosalo & Tuomo Kangasmaa, Liisa Heikkinen, Toûa Heinonen, Mina Jarko Marianne Lukkarinen, Harri Piispanen, Mimmi Salo & Jari Vähkyrä and Kauri Sorvari / The work has been supported by: Taike.

Videon tanssijat: Pauliina Lappi, Merja Männikkö ja Henna-Maria Hanhineva

Jaakko Auto’s Intimacy is an immersive sound installation that takes the viewer to a soundscape to experience the interpersonal interaction of a human flock. Inatimacy is a 16-channel sound installation, performed in collaboration with the Nomad Vocals Choir. Each 16 speaker has its own personal unique singing voice. The installation brings out the bright side of being human, where we come together and seek a meaningful connection together in the process of making art.  

The stunning repertoire echoes love cries, dance, circus, conversations, visual arts, eco-sexuality, a flower bath and a minimalist room theater musical. In total, there are works by thirteen wonderful artists from all over Finland. The festival’s works are traditionally performed for only one experiencer at a time. For the general public, they would not be possible. The multi-art festival Kehä will be held in Oulu on October 7-9, 2021 at the Culture House in Valve and in the Department of Elderly Care, Koulukoti Pohjolakoti in Muhos and Action Center Zytyke in Kempele.

Photos: Anniina Holappa

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