Frost Flowers @ Oodi, Helsinki Central Library, 1-30.10.2021

Sound and Visuals: Jaakko Autio / Saxophone: Anna Voutilainen / Poem ja narrator: Johanna Keinänen / Event Organizer: Animation guild in collaboration with the Center for the Promotion of the Arts and the Central Library Oodi.

I created two video works on the media wall of the Helsinki Central Library: My Helsinki and Frost Flowers. Frost Flowers is a reference to a well-known Finnish song late eighties by Joel Hallikainen. In my view, sensitivity to beauty increases awareness of the inner frostbites we carry inside of us. By cultivating aesthetic experiences, we renew the conditions for inner well-being. The aesthetic experience helps us to remember and coop with the dualism of warm and frosty feeling tones inside of us. The second work “My Helsinki” was filmed in Kallio district and Kaisaniemi in the spring of 2020. 

The Ääreen project is an art project combining immersive animation and documentary in the central library in Oodi. Ääreen presents interactive, documentary animation in Cube mode and displays both domestic and international, new animation art in exhibitions and shows. The software highlights authors in discussions and interviews.

Ääreen offers a program every Thursday: artist talk events, a masterclass event and an international animation day on 28.10. an animation evening with Kavi: film screenings and a discussion event. The software is implemented partly on-site in Oodi and partly remotely. In addition to the exhibition of the animation guild, a curated student screening of Aalto University will be presented in the lobby. Animation-themed workshops for children and young people.

The project is a joint project of the Art Promotion Center, Oodi Central Library, Turku Animated Film Festival, Animation Guild Association, MUU Association of Artists, AVEK Audiovisual Culture Promotion Center, Aalto University, Kavi National Audiovisual Institute and the Danish ANIDOX Forum.

Founded in 1998, Animation Guild (formerly Animation Clinic) is a nationwide and the only professional organization for animators.

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