AARK Archipelago Art Residency, Korpo 1.2-31.3.2021

During the Aark residency, I worked on “As Time Sounds, Chapter 1 & 2” for the Mikkeli Art Hall (M_Itä Biennale 2021) and the Retretti Art Path. I made sound design and music for Mari Hokkanen’s Pearl Weaver exhibition (Galleria Nykyaika, Tre) and a Gps-based Sound Walk called “Sati Derive” with Johanna Matruka (Mad House Helsinki). The great musician / composer Venla Blom (Ilmatar) and visual artist Gillian Crabbe (Akasaka) also worked at the residence at the same time. During those two months, the season changed from a core winter to a warm spring.

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