AARK Archipelago Art Residency, Korpo 1-30.6.2020

Kuvaus ja äänitys: Jaakko Autio / Rituaalin vetää Gillian Crabbe.

On this working period in Aark, i met Gillian Crabbe, Akasaka by her Budhhist name. The video above is a spontaneous collaboration between us. A ritual to mark the penumbral eclipse of the moon, 5 June, 2020, Korppoo Island, Finland. Here is the poem heard on the ritual:

With form that is no-form, Going and coming, we are never astray, With thought that is no-thought, Singing and dancing are the voice of the Law. Boundless and free is the sky of Samadhi! Bright the full moon of Wisdom! Truly, is anything missing now? Nirvana is right here, before our eyes. This very place the Lotus land This very body, Buddha. Excerpt from poem by 18th century Zen master Hakuin *** Make a gift from the Sun to the Moon… of the known to the unknown, giving up the familiar, things, that were grasped and held for a moment, a memory, a life time… Make a gift from the Sun to the Moon… Become the shadow of your self Passing before the dawn. – Akasaka

During my residency, I worked on Rauhala installation (Online VR installation) and generative arts (TouchDesign) for future projects.

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