KINAESTHETIC POETRY – 17.1.2020 @ Akusmata Gallery, Hki. – With KuNuKu Choir

Sound artist: Jaakko Autio / Choir Leader: Jussi Mattila / KuNuKu SingersTatu HuotarinenAntti RissanenOssi PutkonenKaisa KarhunenEmma JämsénElla VähäpassiReetta Karhunen & Juulia Karppi / Akusmata producerPetri Kuljuntausta.


KINAESTHETIC POETRY – Homage for Sound Minds.

KINAESTHETIC POETRY (KP) is a 11-channel sound installation by Jaakko Autio. The inspiration for this work came from contemplating the idea of “art´s origin” or “art´s birthday”. Musical arrangement was created by KuNuKu -choir via improvisation methods. The choir leader Jussi Mattila helped the choir to find the inner alignment with the water, but the audible musical arrangement comes from the group dynamics.

When recording the material for KINAESTHETIC POETRY -installation, eight singers (KuNuKu Choir) surrounded three water pools. By using spacial sound equipment, the singers voices created geometrical shapes on water surface in real time. A kinaesthetic contemplation took place between the singer and the inner water. While recording, we were specially interested on the “birth” moment of geometrical shapes, and on the minimal effort needed to sustain the moving forms in water.

On the final installation presented at Akusmata Gallery (17.1-30.1.2020), the singers are replaced by eight 8” full range speakers, placed on 1:1 relation how the recording took place. The guest can investigate the conscious movements of human perception, and alignment with non-human element such as water.

KINAESTHETIC POETRY is part of Akusmata’s Polyphonic sound art festival.

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