Waiting Room @ Zone2Source, Amsterdam 7.9-10.11.2019

WAITING ROOM – 16ch immersive sound installation / Directors and consept: Terike Haapoja & Laura Gustafsson / Field recording and installation design: Jaakko Autio / Gallery: zone2source, Amsterpark

About Waiting Room

Waiting Room is a 16 channel sound installation presenting in 1:1 scale the sound ambience of the waiting room of a slaughter house where pigs wait overnight before the inevitable. Placed in the beautiful glass pavilion of Zone2Soure in Amstelpark, it activates a double exposure between the serene artificial representation of nature outside and the disturbing yet invisible acoustic landscape of the beings captured in the animal-industrial complex.

In the back room is a short video work that we call the Terror Archive – an archive of material that takes the words terror and terrorism as a starting point. In the next two years before our next scheduled show of this work, we will build this archive in collaboration with invited scholars and activists, exploring the mechanisms through which bodies (of all species) are made killable and how challenging systemic, normalised forms of oppression and violence are deemed terrorism, among other things. Can animality itself be considered a state of exception, in which “everything is possible”? What and where are the openings towards freedom beyond this logic?

– Terike Haapoja

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