Grace @ Nivalan seuratupa 5-10.7.2019

Sound artist: Jaakko Autio / Producer: Inka Hannula / Choir: Raudaskylä Choir / Place: Nivalan Seuratupa, Körtti herättäjäjuhlat / Supported by Kyösti Kallion säätiö, SKR ja Taike.

The “Grace” installation is a 24-channel immersive choral work. The work features an authentic recording of the choir rehearsals of the Raudaskylä Choir, conducted by Olena Mikhailova. All singers were recorded with 24 microphones simultaneously. The final installation setup is built in 1:1 relation regarding the original singing session.

The installation is a viewpoint to the interpersonal field between the singers and the present audience. It investigates human consciousness towards another human, music and the world. The installation engages the audience. There is a big red button mounted in the middle of all the speakers. The audience has been instructed to press the button. When the button is pushed, the computer chooses randomly one voice among 24 voices, which will play on its own for 15s seconds. After 15s the whole choir fades back in. By pressing the button again, the audience can go through all the singers of the choir one by one. The insight of this work is that all voices alone are swaying and flawed, but together the choir creates a cathartic experience.

Installaation äänitykset – Kalajokilaakso

Installaation rakentamisesta – Keskipohjanmaa

Arvio installaatiosta – Keskipohjanmaa

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