Beyond Time and Place, Dance Company Tsuumi @ Free Art Space, Helsinki 13-16.6.2019

Dance Company Tsuumi & Crew / Space: Vapaan taiteen tila, Hki / Director and choreography: Mirva Mäkinen / Sound art: Jaakko Autio / Visual design: Jaana Kurttila / Video art: Kim Saarinen / Performer: Tuomas Juntunen / Production: Dance Company Tsuumi

“Civil protection caves in Sörnäinen. Full of birdsong, in the dark, an awareness of the hard light of spring outside but still beyond the reach of time and place. Sometimes a person needs that. ” -Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat

Beyond Time and Place is an installation-like dance performance that combines movement, sound and video art in powerful surroundings. The performance space plays an  important role, it was originally built as a population protection cave during the second world war. The audience witnesses the process of the performer, who’s going through a transformative ritual. The work does not aim for something already finished, but rather focuses on the interpersonal suggestions between performer, site, audience, sound art, video art and light. Rotating motion is present in the choreography, video and sound art, it refers to the continuous process, a moving-with of experience in the making.

(Pictures: Mikko Mäntyniemi)

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