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Jaakko Autio is a sound artist and sound designer from Helsinki. Autio is originally from Ylivieska, but he also spent several years in Senegal as a child. The time spent in Senegal has left its mark and is present in Autio’s way of perceiving reality and creating art. Autio describes his homeland to be found in music and aesthetic experience.

Autio has worked as a sound designer in several city theaters as well as in the free field of art in collaboration with, for example, dance theaters. He has studied sound design at Metropolia and the Theater Academy (University of the Arts) in Helsinki.

In his works, Autio examines interpersonal space, a person’s relationship with another. Autio is fascinated by lingering on the “other space”. The otherness may take many forms, for example, another person, another time, or a uncanny valley. When the known and the unknown rub against each other, a space open up to renew the view of oneself.


Jaakko Autio

2003-2008 Metropolia, Movie sound design (BA).
2010-2013 Theatre academy, Theatre sound design (MA).

Upcoming installations
2022 Porvoo Art Factory / “On The Border – Chapter five”.
2023 M_itä? Biennale of Contemporary Art @ Joensuu Museum of Art / “Untitled”
2023 Malmitalo gallery, Helsinki / “Äänen Aika, osa 3/3”.
2023 Oulu Museum of Art / “You are hearing consciousness”.
2023 Oulu Museum of Art / “Äiti”.
2023 Volter Kilpi Kustavissa – literature week / “Table For two – Chapter three”
2023 Vene Teatern (Russian theatre), Tallinna / “On The Border – Chapter six”

Past or ongoing installations
2022 Gallery Aarni, Espoo / “Intimacy – Chapter two”
2022 Kuvataideakatemia, Valkoinen sali, Helsinki / “Experiential Sculpting” Sound design for media works. Dir, Pajala-Assefa.
2022 Kallio (Helsinki) Library. “Table For Two – Chapter two”
2022 World Cities Culture Summit 2022 @ Opera, Alminsali (Helsinki) / “On The Border – Chapter four”.
2022 Kogo Gallery, Tartu, Estonia. “On The Border – Chapter three”.
2022 Narva Art Gallery, Estonia / “On The Border – Chapter two”.
2022 Turku Main Library. “Table For Two – Chapter one”
2022 Tallinn music week – Narva, Kreenholm. / “On The Border – Chapter one ”.
2021 Seinäjoki Art Hall / “Waiting Room”. Dir. Terike Haapoja & Laura Gustafsson.
2021 Kehä Festival, Oulu / “Intimacy”.
2021 Gallery Pimento, Oulu / “The Eye of the Source” sound sculpture.
2021 Gallery Modern Time, Tampere / “Pearl Reds”. Sound design for media works. Dir, Mari Hokkanen.
2021 M_itä Biennial of Contemporary Art, Mikkeli Art Museum / “Sound Time 2/3”.
2021 Mad House Helsinki / “Sati Dérive”. Gps Sound Walk. Directed by Johanna Matruka.
2021 Retreat, Punkaharju / “Sound Time 1/3”. A multi-channel choral work in a stone circle.
2021 Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki / “Topics of Weightlessness” Artist Group SIKT. Sound design for short films and exhibitions. Dir: Marjaana Rantama and Ylva Holländer.
2020 Virtual Choir Installation / “Tree”. With the Kauhava Church Choir.
2020 Akusmata Gallery, Helsinki / “Kinaesthetic Poetry”, 11-channel sound installation.
2019 Gallery Zone 2 Source, Amsterdam / “Waiting Mode”, 16-channel sound installation. Dir, Terike Haapoja & Laura Gustafsson.
2019 Nivalan herättäjäjuhlat / ”Grace”, 24 channel Choir -sound installation.
2019 Free Art Space, Helsinki. / “The Other Space”, 20 channel sound installation.
2018 Gjesteatelieret, Norway / “Clown Conference”‚ six -channel sound installation.
2012 Theatre Museum, Did you hear? / “Singer” sound installation.
2008 Designmuseum, Fennofolk new nordic oddity / “Tundramatiks”. Dir, Janne Masalin.

Sound designs for performances
2021 Turku City Theatre / “Gladys”, dir. Ishwar Maharaj
2020 Mirva Mäkinen ensemble (Tsuumi) / “30% OFF”, dir. Mirva Mäkinen.
2019 Helsingin city theatre / “Angry widow”, dir. Kimmo Virtanen.
2019 Hurjaruuth, Woman Clown festival / “Bunny T comeback”, dir. Taina Maki-iso.
2018 Helsingin city theatre / “12 Gifts for santa”, dir Kimmo Virtanen.
2018 Dance theatre Tsuumi / “Beyond space and time”, dir. Mirva Mäkinen.
2018 Dance theatre Hurjaruuth, Red pearl festival / “Touch -trilogy”, dir. Jaakko Autio & Laura Rämä.
2017 Kuopio new summer theatre / “Katri Helena musical”, dir. Kimmo Virtanen.
2017 MimoArt Company, Stoa / “Body Notes”‚ dir. Mimosa Lindahl.
2017 Kouvola City Theatre / “Vakavuus Ongelma”‚ dir. Satu Linnapuomi.
2016 Kuopio new summer theatre / “Tapsa musical”, dir. Johanna Sorjonen.
2015 Swedish theater, Nicken / “My Love”, dir. Helena Hasselblatt.
2015 Ahaa-theatre, Tampere / “Wolf”, dir. Kimmo Virtanen.
2015 Kuopio new summer theatre / “Olavi Virta musical”, dir. Kimmo Virtanen.
2014-2015 Kokkola City Theatre / Head of sound department.
2015 Kokkola City Theatre / “Happy family”, dir. Sini Moila.
2015 Kokkola City Theatre / “Jumpy”, dir. Hanna Ojala.
2014 Kokkola City Theatre / “Metsäjätti”, dir. Irene Aho.
2014 Kokkola City Theatre / “Maria’s children”‚ dir. Sini Moila.
2014 Kuopio new summer theatre / “Lovely evening”, dir. Kimmo Virtanen.
2013 Puppet theatre Sampo / “Firebird”, dir. Maria Baric. (Thalia award).
2013 Puppet theatre Sampo / “Finding your dreams”, dir. Maria Baric.
2013 Kuopio new summer theatre / Let’s hope!, dir. Kimmo Virtanen.
2012 Circus Maximus, Korjaamo / “Human Condition”‚ dir. Jyrki Pylväs.
2011 Theatre Vantaa / “Equal happiness”, dir. Seppo Honkonen.
2010 Puppet theatre Sampo / “Earth & Air”, dir. Maria Baric.
2010 Theatre Vantaa / “When im grown up”‚ dir. Seppo Honkonen.
2009 Dance theatre Minimi / “Head and toes”, dir. Johanna Keinänen.
2008 Yle 2 / Master. Composing score music for a tv-series. Dir. Titte Saalamo.
2007 Finnish National radio, Radio theatre / “Holiday”, dir. Sakari Kirjavainen.

2022 NART, Narva, Estonia.
2022 Old Mine Residence, Outokumpu.
2021 Hakoniemi Residence, Rääkkylä.
2021 Kulttuurikauppila Residence, Ii.
2021 AARK Residence, Korpo.
2020 Old Mine Residence, Outokumpu.
2020 AARK Residence, Korpo.
2018 Gjästgallerijet, Vadsö, Norway.

2022 Taike. Corona grant.
2022 SKR. three month NART residency grant.
2021 Taike. Corona grant.
2020 Helsinki City. Sati Derive -walk installation.
2020 Taike. Corona grant.
2020 Avek. Läheisyys installation.
2020 SKR. Corona grant.
2020 Taike. Sound Asleep – Moriwaki & Autio.
2019 Avek. From the same Tree installation.
2019 Taike. Grace installation.
2019 SKR. Grace Installation.
2018 Kyösti Kallio Foundation. Grace installation.

Literary Works
2008 “Space, time and silence in theatre sound design”, Metropolia (University of Applied Sciences)
2013 “Wholesome sound” Teak (Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy) / Sound department.

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